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Local Markets (Pazar Yeri)

With the arrival of the ‘Supermarket’ England lost the colourful weekly trip to an open market.  A good example in England was the Portobello Road market which is now of fashion interest rather than fresh veg.

Turkey has always been a country of tradespeople. All towns and villages host a weekly market… With the transition of villager to a more sedentary life-style one may no longer always find horse saddles for sale but food stalls are still a bustle of bargaining and gossip.

Of interest in the Fethiye area is the Tuesday market, Saturday Market and Sunday Market. To obtain a look at genuine natural food products on a much smaller scale there is also a Fethiye ‘Friday village market’… apart from garden produce; local villagers bring grains, herbs, hand made utensils and even live-stock.

Other towns in the area  provide markets on differing  days of the week; for example  Kinik (Xanthos) hosts a large market on Fridays.


The further one travels east the more interesting the markets become. If you wish to see a cabbage the size of a sitting room chair visit the Mardin market.

If interested in goods of questionable origin visit the Antakya market.

You can contact us to find the weekday of your nearest market.


Fethiye Tuesday Market

The Tuesday market has become an institution as much as it is a shopping venue.

Fethiye Tuesday Market

The Tuesday market has become an institution as much as it is a shopping venue.

Shaded tables with plastic cloths offer ‘gozleme’ with ‘ayran’. Vegetable sellers water their colourful wares to keep them fresh, village women crouch around their panniers of dried fruits, olives and herbs.

Other salesmen handle and slap their melons to show how ripe they are, often brandishing a knife to cut out a chunk for you.

Rows of materials, children’s clothes, jeans, skirts and every description of underwear attract the local ladies. Reaching the hardware section you will realise that most of the china-ware, cutlery etc. is imported from the far east… and that you are starting to tire.

The market stretches along the canal for over a kilometre. Maybe it is time for fruit-slush before heading back?

Your feet are killing you! If you came in on a dolmus treat yourself to a taxi-ride back.

There is a famous Turkish saying… Gecti Borun Pazari vur eşeğini Nigdeye… the translation of which is… Bor’s market is now over,  push your donkey on to Nigde!.. which happens to be just fifteen km west of Bor! The meaning is that you arrived just too late!

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