Here we are again 9 years later….

You will not turn the pages… our new online mag will cover a wider range of subjects and offers you the possibility to comment, ask and contribute to each month’ issue… please  do send feedback.

The name of our new magazine is ‘ Lagoon Magazine’…

Many who have read our Beach Magazine will be regular visitors to Oludeniz while others may choose to explore further afield; to discover Turkey’s varying landscapes and archaeological treasures or just to find out what makes the Turks tick!

Our magazine aims to provide a birds-eye view of Turkey… Coast,  plain and mountain. In this issue we start locally and then move on…

Maybe you have only viewed Turkey from a sun-bed or visited Istanbul for a long weekend. But there is so much to explore…

Did you know that Turkey has seven climatic zones which harbour as many ancient civilisations within in its boundless mountains, ceaseless rivers and integrated plateaus…not to mention the country’s 8.000 km stretch of coastline and islands…  

We shall explore each zone introducing its nature, history and cuisine. First I would like to give you a synopsis of the local area and then move further afield…

This first issue covers local areas with a magazine section where each month we shall include different places of interest, customs, recipes etc… while in the Extras section you will find little snippets about Turkey. Our next addition has a section on Mount Nemrut and its surroundings plus ‘Kukuba’ the Mother Goddess of Anatolia and a dessert recipe.

The Turks believe in Sweets just as the Dutch believe in eggs!




Our ``Beach`` magazine became ``Lagoon`` magazine

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Insight Guide


Kaya Village

Kaya lies just 10 km from Oludeniz. It was built on the site of the ancient Lycian city of

Meis (Kastellorizo)

We are going to visit the island closest to Turkey… Meis (Megisti) now more romantically



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